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Download the Red Arrow USA Break In instructions.  It is important that you follow these instructions if you want to maximize your engine performance and longevity. 
**Note**  These larger custom ported motors need lots of air.  It is also important that you keep a reccommended air filter system and exhaust or you will see degregated performance.
Why Red Arrow USA Engines?  Our decision to carry Red Arrow USA engines at Detroit Performance RC was a simple one. First,  It's unique.  Secondly, these engines are a true high performance CNC super Mod using the best materials and technology in the industry today. Lastly, because of our positive experience testing these engines against other competitive products.  For more information about these engines, please click the link below from Red Arrow USA.
Download the Inertia Pull Start Assembly Instructions here.
Red Arrow USA Manual and Break in
Why Choose Red Arrow USA
Inertia Pull Start Extension
This is the Gearing Chart by Vertigo Performance. This will break down the gear ratios and also help you identify which spacers you will need for changes you make in pinion/Spur combinations.
MIP installation instructions for MIP clutch
MIP Big Bore Shocks installation instructions
Vertigo Gearing
MIP Clutch
MIP Big Bore Shock
Axis RC Racing instructioins Thread Insert Kit

MIP Real Brakes instructions and break down
MIP Limiter Strap installation instructions and diagram.
MIP Real Brakes
MIP Straps
Axis Thread Inserts
Inertia Wheelie Bar Instructions for HPI baja
Hilantronics Ikilly instructions

Hilantronics IGen
Inertia Wheelie Bar
RCMAX user manual 71
RCMAX user manual 46
71 manual
46 manual
65 manual
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